13 Subreddits to Binge Read If You’re Into Personal Finance

13 Subreddits to Binge Read If You’re Into Personal FinanceHave you ever had to ask your parents if they have an up-to-date will?

Or text your friend to see if he plans to pay you back for the last 3 times he “accidentally forgot his wallet at home”?

How about having a serious “we need to talk” talk with your partner whom you think might have a debilitating debt problem?

I sincerely hope you haven’t had to navigate too many awkward money conversations, as they tend to raise blood pressure, induce excessive sweating, and create questionable-looking bruises from repeated facepalming.

Money is a tricky subject to broach in person. But sometimes, talking about money is necessary, practical, and healthy within the proper context.

That’s why I turn to reddit, an anonymous online forum, to “get my fix” of casual money talks.

If you’re eager to learn, willing to share your experience – and let’s be honest because there’s no shame in admitting this – curious about other people’s financial details, you might very well find solace in the virtual company of other personal finance enthusiasts on reddit.

I’m going to share 13 active subreddits about personal finance that I frequently browse.

1. r/personalfinance

If a hodge-podge of essential money topics like budgeting, saving, paying off debt, credit building, investing, and retirement planning is your cup of tea, then you’d be pleased with r/personalfinance.

As one of the most active subreddits on this list, the resources on the sidebar are worth checking out (I highly recommend this flowchart), especially if you are new to taking control of your finances.

The only potential drawback: it is very U.S.-centric. But that shouldn’t deter those living outside of the U.S. from joining. After all, sound advice tends to be universal, although the specifics might be different.

Interesting recent discussions:

2. r/PersonalFinanceCanada

If you’d rather talk about TFSAs and RRSPs instead of 401(k)s and Roth IRAs, then this sub is for you.

Interesting recent discussions:

3. r/finance

Think of r/finance as a curated list of important news regarding the state of the global economy, latest IPO filings, and large-cap stocks (i.e., big companies).

If you ever want an easy and fast way to gauge how the market is doing overall, take a quick look at the post titles in this sub.

Interesting recent discussions:

4. r/povertyfinance

This subreddit is perfect for folks who earn a modest income and/or are near the beginning of their money journey.

Celebrations of debt pay-offs and milestones achieved are commonplace.

If you need a judgment-free zone to discuss ways to save $100 a month on groceries, which debt to pay off first, and bankruptcy options, this is it!

Interesting recent discussions:

5. r/financialindependence

As the name suggests, this sub is perfect for anyone with a passing interest in pursuing financial independence.

No matter where you are in your F.I. journey, you would not feel out of place here.

Sure, you’ll see active folks on this sub that are in their early 30s, saving 55% of their gross income, and have already amassed a sizable net worth, but you’re just as likely to meet people across the whole spectrum of F.I. progress.

There’s a fun tradition in this sub of telling anyone who’s achieved financial independence to “go eff yourself” (as a joking acknowledgment of jealousy).

I hope to one day stumble upon your F.I. celebration post, and I promise to keep my profanity to a minimum.

Interesting recent discussions:

6. r/leanfire

LeanFIRE is taking a minimalist approach to FIRE. Usually, people going this route aim to drastically reduce their expenses (surviving on less than $40,000 per year), making it possible to retire early with less than $1,000,000 saved up.

Frugality is a popular topic on r/leanfire. But the lines between r/leanfire and r/financialindependence are starting to blur, if you want my honest opinion.

Interesting recent discussions:

7. r/fican

What do r/fican subscribers collectively think? Poutine and maple syrup rule!

Oh, and the FIRE movement isn’t too shabby either. Sorry!

Interesting recent discussions:

8. r/EuropeFIRE

Who needs Pornhub when you can browse r/EuropeFIRE, the sexist corner of the web where Europeans could contemplate the most fashionable and elegant ways to achieve FIRE.

I applaud anyone attempting FIRE in Europe, where tax rates for high-income earners are higher than Mount Vesuvius, among other investment hurdles.

But let’s face it, living in Europe is worth it! Also, crazy low mortgage rates.

Interesting recent discussions:

9. r/fatFIRE

If your net worth hovers around $3 to $5 million, it isn’t easy to find your crowd online, but you’ll feel right at home in r/fatFIRE.

Interesting recent discussions:

10. r/FIREyFemmes

This subreddit is for empowered women who want to talk about FIRE with other women.

Hands down the most community-like subreddit on this list, in the sense that daily and weekend discussion threads make up the bulk of the content on this sub.

Interesting recent discussions:

11. r/investing

Nothing that pertains to investing is off-limits here: ETFs, index funds, REITs, plain old real estate, cryptocurrency, you name it.

There’s a tiny but noticeable content overlap with r/finance.

Interesting recent discussions:

12. r/CanadianInvestor

This sub is not as active as I’d like it to be, but there simply isn’t a better place on reddit to discuss investment opportunities geared towards Canadians.

Interesting recent discussions:

13. r/realestateinvesting

The description for this subreddit is as follows:

“Interested in Real Estate Investing? You’ve come to the right place! /r/realestateinvesting is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice, and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Creative Finance, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending and more!”

Enough said. I can’t top that.            

Interesting recent discussions:

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